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Q. Am I eligible for opening a trading Account?
Q. What details do I have to take into a consideration while opening an account?
Q. Why do I have to give Bank details while opening an account?
Q. Can I appoint a POA for Trading Account?
Q. Why it is necessary to give Financial Details in Trading Account?
Q. Why should I give Depository account details in Trading Account?
Q. How will I know that my account is afctive?
Q. How can I View my Trading Account Information?
Q. How to get my Backoffice Password to see my Account Online?
Q. What type of ordfers I can place?
Q. How do I place an Order?
Q. How do I know whether my order is placed?
Q. Can I modify/cancel my order?
Q. What is AMO?
Q. What documents should be obtained from broker on execution fof trade?
Q. What is a contract notes?
Q. Can I view my Contact note Online?
Q. Wfhat are thef charges that can be levied on the investor by a stock broker/sub broker in Contract note?
Q. What are the margins Requirement?
Q. What is a Rolling Settlement?
Q. What is the pay-in day and pay-out day?
Q. What is a Short Delivery of Shares?
Q. When do I get delivery of my shares?
Q. What is the procedure for Payment or delivery of shares when client buys Shares?
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